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How to delay your gratification

In today’s world of instant gratification, where we want everything instantly makes us accustomed to instant gratification bias in other important areas of our work.
Constantly giving into temptations can lead to unproductive habits, poor decision-making, anger, stress, overwhelm and impulsive behaviour. …Continue readingHow to delay your gratification

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Why overthinking is bad for your productivity

While many problems are resolved by giving them careful thought and deliberation, overthinking does not lead to new insights or understanding, instead it saps your energy, time, motivation and creativity. Are you a over-thinker? Here is how to stop your overthinking …Continue readingWhy overthinking is bad for your productivity

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What is your leadership style?

We all have a go-to leadership style consisting of default set of markers when it comes to enhancing the morale, performance and motivation of people we are leading or managing.

Understanding your leadership style is essential to identify and describe your individual unique characteristics when it comes to effective leadership or management.
Continue readingWhat is your leadership style?

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What are your self-imposed limitations?

We all have goals, ideas, or a vision for what we could become or go on to achieve.
While some manage to live up to their potential, many either get stuck or don’t reach their desired goals and end up living down to their perceived limitations.
Know whether your limitations are real or perceived to achieve your full potential
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Upgrade your negotiating potential

Successful negotiations create opportunities and knowing how to negotiate skilfully is essential for personal or professional decision-making, problem-solving, conflict resolution and to build collaborative work environment.

No matter what type of situation you are in, effectively negotiating a successful outcome always depends on not only what you do during the process, but also on what you refrain from doing.…Continue readingUpgrade your negotiating potential

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