About Author

Hi there. My name is Srilatha Samineni, a certified life coach, author and creator of ssscascades.

I write on different dimensions of personal productivity based on emotional/psychological aspects and through mindful practices and self-reflection. My mission is to empower people to see past their limitations and to seek better solutions in their goal-striving personal and professional endeavours.

A desire to make positive impact in the world is what led me into blogging on personal growth and productivity. I am a continuous learner and strongly believe in constant improvement. Since last two years, I have been expanding on the skill sets. I have certifications in life coaching and NLP. My keenness to understand, help self and others led to this journey of learning coaching and cognitive skills.

My purpose is to provide you with cascade of motivation and insights that inspire you to make positive changes in your life, strengthen your willpower and to sharpen your focus in pursuing your goals and dreams.

It takes hard work, reflection and motivation when it comes to leading, managing or communicating/working with others. There are always certain areas where we can improve and change. So, set some new goals and strive for CAN (constant and never ending improvement)

Never underestimate your capacity to change. It is always right time to be your best version.

Personal growth is not about adding more, but rather about letting go of all that is not you and is better achieved when one transforms one’s underlying limiting beliefs and is able to be in control of their life.

What People Say

Continuous Improvement is better than delayed perfection.

Mark Twain

Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.

Bell Bradley

The persistent winner is not discouraged by a problem – he is challenged by it.

William Arthur Ward

Let’s work towards becoming our best version.

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