A State of Well-being

Well-being is accessible to each one of us. Our thoughts and emotions are our messengers and the key to understand them is through gaining awareness by means of meditation. Making meditation a way of life helps you to realise your intrinsic nature and also to respond in a constructive way. Practicing insightful meditation enables you to avoid impulsive reactions and to remain at peace and to be harmonious with the outside world. Welcoming each moment keeps you connected with yourself and others. Staying connected to your experiences helps you to a acknowledge your unchanging inner self which can be tapped into anywhere and anytime.
Following are the insights mentioned in various meditation practices. Setting the following insights into your meditation practice not only increases your concentration but also helps you maintain your focus to meet your goals.

Find your intentions

Meditating with right intentions develop focus, determination, patience, and perseverance. Intentions are agreements you make with yourself and then express through your actions in your daily activities. if you don’t set firm intentions, you will eventually find yourself wandering and might lose sight of the reason you are meditating.
Intentions set can be small or large. Aim is to discover your genuine intentions and affirm those with certainty in your meditation practice. Express each intention in small phrases in present tense as if it is true. This enables your subconscious mind to register them as actualities. Resolutely follow and affirm your intentions for they enable you to overcome all trials and suffering.

Feeling of being

Practice meditation not to become whole, but to connect to your existing wholeness. Realise that wholeness is your birth right and are more than a limited individual. When you connect to your existing wholeness, other aspects of love, kindness and peace arise naturally. During the practice stay
focused on the sensation and experience of being, this will eventually turn off the negative thoughts.
By experiencing the wholeness you start to be paying attention to the present moment.  Just being is a familiar feeling that you have always known and you are perfect in the present moment. You willstart to feel complete. Experiencing the feeling of being brings inner peace and calmness.

Connect to something bigger

Meditation helps us to get in touch with universal life force that connects us all. During the practice learn to align with this force. This connection with bigger force results in a more expensive mind, that is not narrowly focused on how things should be, not focused on small desires, but can see those as part of bigger picture. Connecting to and experiencing the universal life force enhances concentration and your present opens up to infinite possibilities. This enables you to interact and respond rather than contract and react. The expansiveness of mind gives a meaning and purpose to your life.

Practice mindful breathing

Taking hold of your breath builds concentration. Meditating on your breathing is a natural and extremely effective tool to prevent dispersion and enables you to release obsessive thinking. Observing and following breath exhalations and inhalations enhances your ability to sense and respond to the information your body is sending.
Awareness of your breathing patterns allows you to make changes where required to maintain equilibrium. You can continue to do so while walking, sitting or when you are outdoors. Experiencing the whole breath-body, practice relaxation and letting go with each breath.
You can also practice to count your number of inhalations and exhalations to develop focused attention and concentration. When you recognise you are distracted, gently bring back your attention back to your breath. Breath-counting helps you to maintain a single- pointed focus.Z

Accept your thoughts and emotions

Meditating on your feelings and thoughts makes you stay calm, grounded, and healthy. There can be many disharmonious, negative, and disturbing thoughts that arise when you try and meditate focusing on them. When such strong feelings arise, refusing to accept and labelling them as enemy will only make them come back more strongly as if they are here to convey important information.
You need to welcome and experience emotions both negative and positive. Know that they are not the enemy but are just seeking your attention. Learn to observe and respond instead of reacting.
By focusing on every thought and its opposite, anxiety, fear, and  self- judgements no longer control your life. You can no longer remain a hostage to your negative emotions.

Welcome feelings of joy

Joy is an essential emotion which is already within us, waiting to be experienced no matter what the outside circumstances may be. But many of us believe that it only comes by material possessions or achieving a particular outcome. We keep searching for it outside in objects, relationships, and other experiences. When you denied the feelings of joy which is a natural phenomenon, you lose life’s meaning and its purpose.
When you meditate and welcome joy, its opposite in the form of negative feeling. Welcome that as well. Experiencing both at the same time makes you realise how stressful the opposite is and how it affects your body and mind. When it feels right, release the stressful and let joy radiate through you,
Meditation can unearth unchanging irrespective of the circumstances thereby reducing the perceptions of pain, anxiety, and depression.

Contemplate on interdependence

Meditating on the interdependent nature of the nature makes you realise that everything is a part of an interconnected wholeness. We normally see reality in compartments and make boundaries around
ourselves. Because of this we are unable to see the interdependent nature of the world we live in.
We are connected and not separate  in our suffering and in our desire to be happy.
When you  live the sufferings and joy of others, you start to realise the impermanence of the universe
and can strengthen the positive emotions of gratitude and compassion. Experience yourself as a unique expression of life, interconnected with the Universe.
Regular practice of meditation helps you to attain an ideal state of mind. A well disciplined and controlled mind is necessary for various aspects of well-being. Nourish your intention of making meditation a daily practice. Practicing these insights individually or together with patience and perseverance will provide you with a sense of well-being, purpose and meaning. 

       ” The mind is everything. What you think you become “

                                                                 – Buddha

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