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How to get back on track when you are bored with your goals

Boredom is simply the absence of interesting perspective Brandon A. Troon Most of us set off on the pursuit of our goals with lot of enthusiasm, excited to work on…Continue readingHow to get back on track when you are bored with your goals

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Do you always chase shiny objects? How to avoid and stay focused

There is no harm in keeping yourself or your business updated, being competent or being interested in new technologies, ideas or products. But however, when it becomes always about the next thing and if you are prone to chasing new things constantly and never settling with one option, it leads to several negative consequences.

How often do you fall prey to shiny object syndrome? …Continue readingDo you always chase shiny objects? How to avoid and stay focused

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How to delay your gratification

In today’s world of instant gratification, where we want everything instantly makes us accustomed to instant gratification bias in other important areas of our work.
Constantly giving into temptations can lead to unproductive habits, poor decision-making, anger, stress, overwhelm and impulsive behaviour. …Continue readingHow to delay your gratification

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What are your self-imposed limitations?

We all have goals, ideas, or a vision for what we could become or go on to achieve.
While some manage to live up to their potential, many either get stuck or don’t reach their desired goals and end up living down to their perceived limitations.
Know whether your limitations are real or perceived to achieve your full potential
Continue readingWhat are your self-imposed limitations?

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How to make your new habits stick

When we lack awareness of how habits are structured and how to use that structure to our advantage, we fail to be consistent with our new habits.

Whether you are giving into your daily distractions or it is your temptations that are leading you into old ways, making resolutions strengthen our cognitive behavioural processes to persevere.…Continue readingHow to make your new habits stick

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Are you outcome-focused??

Clearly defined outcomes requires intention and persistence and helps in developing an outcome-based mindset which is an important leadership quality.

It is also a valuable personal quality when it comes to progressing in your professional endeavours irrespective of your job title or role where you can focus more on solutions over problems. …Continue readingAre you outcome-focused??

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