How to overcome conflict avoidance

What is your tendency in most conflict situations – Do you avoid conflict or seek it out? Certain conflicts or issues get tougher to resolve because we lack awareness in how we each approach such issues. Click on the above link to know your approach to conflicting situations to enhance your conflict management

Are you influencing or manipulating?

There is a very fine line between influence and manipulation. What can you do to more consistently use influence in your efforts to persuade others? And When you are doing so, is it coming from a place of helping others understand a situation better or from a desire to get your way?

How to handle conflicts productively

“The purpose of disagreement is not victory or defeat, it is progress.” - Teal Swan Disagreements and differences are inevitable and they often spark a conflict. We all have different opinions and ideas that often lead to serious disagreements in a discussion be it in work places or in our personal lives. You won’t always … Continue reading How to handle conflicts productively