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goal-setting Self- management

How to make your new habits stick

When we lack awareness of how habits are structured and how to use that structure to our advantage, we fail to be consistent with our new habits.

Whether you are giving into your daily distractions or it is your temptations that are leading you into old ways, making resolutions strengthen our cognitive behavioural processes to persevere.…Continue readingHow to make your new habits stick

communication skills Positive-psychology

How to deal with negative people in your life

Constant exposure to negative people can have a major impact on your overall sense of positivity whether it be at work, in your relationships, business environments or in your friend groups.

Recognise when negativity intrudes into your life so you do not have to be the target of others’ negativity.…Continue readingHow to deal with negative people in your life

goal-setting leadership skills Problem-solving

Are you outcome-focused??

Clearly defined outcomes requires intention and persistence and helps in developing an outcome-based mindset which is an important leadership quality.

It is also a valuable personal quality when it comes to progressing in your professional endeavours irrespective of your job title or role where you can focus more on solutions over problems. …Continue readingAre you outcome-focused??

leadership skills Problem-solving

How to think strategically

No matter what role you play in your organisation/workplace or a team, thinking strategically helps you make better decisions as it enables you to align your thoughts with your actions.

By incorporating strategic thinking into your everyday working life routines, you will be more skilled at anticipating, preparing and making most of an opportunity. …Continue readingHow to think strategically

leadership skills Mindfulness Positive-psychology

Why self-compassion is better than self-esteem

Over-emphasis on self-esteem to achieve our aspirations, goals and ambitions leads to wrong self-concept.

When we treat ourselves with compassion unconditionally, we are better able to perceive our real worthiness which is the foundation for personal and professional improvement. …Continue readingWhy self-compassion is better than self-esteem

communication skills Conflict Management Positive-psychology

How to deal with intimidation

[inlinetweet]]If you give into intimidation, you’ll go on being intimidated.”– Aung San Suu Kyi[[/inlinetweet]
Some people resort to managing through fear or intimidation to exert control or to stimulate people’s performance, but it certainly cannot be a motivating strategy in long-term.

Whether the intimidation is internal that has to do with your thought process or external —having to do with the actions or behaviour of others, you can learn to overcome it.

Continue readingHow to deal with intimidation

Mindfulness Personal-growth Self- management

How self-reflection improves your

Difficult situations demand careful consideration of our actions, decisions and behaviour.
As we experience change in the way we work, educate and communicate in new normal, it is important to pause and self-reflect as we inch back toward modified life to eliminate unproductive choices or habits.…Continue readingHow self-reflection improves your

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