Beauty lies within…just be

There is this very famous Zen story, where a Zen abbot went dressed in rags to the door of a rich man  and was turned away with an empty bowl. So he returned in his formal robe of office and was invited in and served a sumptuous meal. Removing his robes and  placing them in front of the feast, he walked away saying “This meal is not for me, it is for the robe.”

Many of us perceive others by the way they are dressed or the way they look. Similarly there is a vast difference in how others perceive us to what we really are. This fundamental difference in perception gives rise to a false self which would want to seek appreciation and acceptance from others. At this moment, we start to draw comfort from various ideas people have put together to define a standard behaviour.

We begin to allow ourselves get influenced by what others think of us. We try to impress and start imitating what we see around us, thereby losing our true self. We deny our inner self because others won’t or can’t recognise it. Thus, fading our soul which is meant to be unique, mysterious, and beautiful.

Trying to fit into others definitions of you not only erodes your self esteem but also becomes a continuous struggle to become what you are not.

Resist the temptation to allow others define what you are. Do not deny your own beauty because others fail to recognise it. Instead accept yourself and know that beauty exists not in sameness but in being your true self.
Know that you need not match with someone else’s definition of pretty and regardless of outward appearances, at the core of heart, each one is perfect, pure, and with same potential.

Eternal Chase… Short story by Osho

God made the world, and from that very day the sun went running after darkness. And darkness could not understand: it has not harmed the sun, it has not even talked with the sun, it has not even met the sun, yet the sun is continuously harassing her.
After millions of years of harassment, she finally got tired and went to God and said, “It is ungrateful to complain, but there is a limit to everything. I have been harassed for millions of years, and I cannot conceive of any fault on my part. The sun goes on expelling me from everywhere. It is even difficult to take a rest without anxiety — the sun may be coming, the sunrise may be close. I have not slept for millions of years — the anguish would not allow it. The sun has been almost a continuous torture, and without any reason. I simply want to know: what have I done wrong?”
God said, “You should have come earlier. There was no need to wait so long. This is very ungentlemanly on the part of the sun. The sun should be called immediately.”
The sun was called. He asked the messenger, “What is the problem? — because I have never done anything wrong. I simply go on doing the same routine every day. Since God made me, I have not done anything else.”
But the messenger said, “God is very angry. You have been hurting, harassing a poor woman — darkness.”
He said, “My God, I have never heard of her. I have never met her. I am not interested in women at all — I am a born celibate. I am coming, I want to see who this woman is.”
And as the sun came to the house of God, darkness disappeared.
God said, “Where has that woman gone?” They searched everywhere; darkness was not found.
Millions of years passed again, and one day the woman appeared and she said, “You have not done anything; it is still continuing, the same torture.”
God said, “You are strange. When the sun was here, where did you go?”
She said, “You are behaving like a simpleton. If the sun is here, I cannot be here; if I am here, the sun cannot be here. We cannot stand each other. You will have to hear our story separately and then decide.”
God said, “That is not my way. You both have to be present here so I can be certain that nobody is lying.”
The woman said, “Then it is better I take my complaint back.”
Since then, the woman has not appeared again. Once in a while the sun comes to inquire, “What happened to the woman — because I want to clear it up, it has become a worry on my head that somebody is being hurt by me, perhaps unknowingly.”
God said, “You need not be worried. The problem is such that it cannot be solved. I cannot give any decision unless you are both present in my court together and I have listened to both sides in the presence of each other. But by the very nature of things, you cannot both be present. That woman is your absence. So of course you cannot be present and absent simultaneously. Drop your worry. You are doing perfectly fine, and that woman is not going to report against you again. The file in your case is closed.”
  • Osho
Exactly the same is the case with darkness and human awareness.
When we realise the self through awareness, we further discover this self in everything, and we become an awakened one. With this constant reflection of inner light, 
the darkness around us disappears and dissolves.