Aim for healthy all- round development of children



The adequacy of the child’s general adjustments or his behavioural aspects cannot ascribe solely to the conditions found in the school itself. Even during his/ her school years child is a subject to the influences of home and community. When the children are in school both the family and the community continue to influence the personality development for weal or woe.

In the home, the school and the community may be found the main influences which either reduce or intensify the effect of weakness already present.

Children from young age silently imbibe all the bad things and unruly behaviour of others around them, and the most solid influence and source of such behaviour comes from parents and the environment they live in. Seeing their parents or others in the community they live in getting their way by displaying aggression over other people. They tend to repeat the same behaviour in their life and gets imbibed into his character. This behaviour if not checked will certainly result into them grow up to become aggressive adults. When faced with tough situations in life, such children don’t hesitate to indulge themselves in criminal or anti-social activities.

parents should be impartial and their relationship with each other should be harmonious. They should check their child’s behaviour at home and outside in public places whenever it gets aggressive. Suitable training should be provided to correct their behaviour. At the same time give them love and affection. Encourage them to be responsible for their behaviour. If we can provide all of this and a community which has a tolerant attitude, then the child attends the school with an integrated personality.
If on the other hand, he comes from an imbalanced or over-protecting or a community where he is rejected, or discriminated against, he will often bring to school a deficient personality.

The school has the responsibility of providing a friendly environment with teachers understanding the child’s needs and aiding the continuation of his sound personality-growth. Assist the children in correcting their behaviour arriving at methods to handle them.
Children’s behaviour is the result of combination of all these factors in which the schools, community, and parents play vital role in the personality development of the child at an young and continue to play an import role in later stages of their lives.

Child’s character is determined by the sum total of these impressions we leave in them. If good impressions prevail, the character becomes good, if child is subjected to bad words and bad actions, his mind will be full of bad impressions; and the sum total of these impressions in them will create the strong motive power for doing bad actions and they coalesce to become a habit.
Therefore, for the healthy all- round development of children all the factors that influence them need to be set right.


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