Beauty lies within…just be

There is this very famous Zen story, where a Zen abbot went dressed in rags to the door of a rich man  and was turned away with an empty bowl. So he returned in his formal robe of office and was invited in and served a sumptuous meal. Removing his robes and  placing them in front of the feast, he walked away saying “This meal is not for me, it is for the robe.”

Many of us perceive others by the way they are dressed or the way they look. Similarly there is a vast difference in how others perceive us to what we really are. This fundamental difference in perception gives rise to a false self which would want to seek appreciation and acceptance from others. At this moment, we start to draw comfort from various ideas people have put together to define a standard behaviour.

We begin to allow ourselves get influenced by what others think of us. We try to impress and start imitating what we see around us, thereby losing our true self. We deny our inner self because others won’t or can’t recognise it. Thus, fading our soul which is meant to be unique, mysterious, and beautiful.

Trying to fit into others definitions of you not only erodes your self esteem but also becomes a continuous struggle to become what you are not.

Resist the temptation to allow others define what you are. Do not deny your own beauty because others fail to recognise it. Instead accept yourself and know that beauty exists not in sameness but in being your true self.
Know that you need not match with someone else’s definition of pretty and regardless of outward appearances, at the core of heart, each one is perfect, pure, and with same potential.

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